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Lets start. Lets start at the very beginning...


In 1976, Lori Watkins was born in Santiago, Chile during the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet. On May 27, 1977, at the age of five months, Lori was adopted by an American couple, diplomats serving at the United States Embassy in Santiago. Living in economically- underdeveloped countries through much of her childhood and youth. Known as a “third- culture kid,” Lori absorbed the cultures, history and traditions from those countries. Now, Lori brings it all to her work as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for 23 years. Lori creates custom designs of paintings on oils and acrylics on canvas. Lori actively demonstrates her love for community video/editing introductions for organizations and non-profits that serve the public.  


The Artwork of Lori Watkins represents a mission to expand appreciation of art, to improve the quality of life in public healthcare facilities. Lori is dedicated to identifying art initiatives that will buoy the spirit of individuals. The Artwork of Lori Watkins has improved the morale of clients and staff in many clinics and recovery centers. In collaboration with profit and nonprofit organizations, Lori promotes and demonstrates a vision of the future where the arts are desired, appreciated and welcomed. 


Traveling has led me to the ultimate experience of life, which has given me the desire to connect with people. I see so many needs of people in underdeveloped communities and I am committed to meeting that need in everyday life.

Called to a career of nursing, I now see that I’ve been providing a form of

“People Art”

in a bedside manner,

continuity of care and

a standard of care.

In my practice,

I am a stand for 

creative arts living in communities that collaborate, and share thriving conversations in cherished cultures.

I am the possibility of bringing creative endeavors into underdeveloped communities.

Who I am for the world is that all beings – human and otherwise – are heard.

With Gratitude,

Lori Watkins

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